Community of the Heart - A Dream Materialized

This is it! Kula has been born! Welcome to my cozy home, a safe space to share. A community I built to connect with all who are on their path, to inspire each other along the way. I deeply believe we need each other. Friendship, relationship, family, and community reminds us of the innate connection we all have to one another, it keeps us knowing who we are, and that deep down we belong.

The Sanskrit word "Kula" translates to "community" or "tribe" and in the Yoga world, this term is used to denote Yogis who come together to practice. A tribe that comes together to practice living from the heart. Now, when I envisioned this, I was at Bali Silent Retreat studying

Yoga and having my own inner journey when I realized how important it is for me to have like-minded people to talk about experiences and share growth moments with. I want to feel connected in a deeper way than our superficial culture has us experiencing and I'm sure I'm not the only one, so I knew I had to create something.

Yoga as Union, to me, means connection on every level, way past the Asanas and breath. I ask myself and my students all the time, 'Why do you practice Yoga? What is it that really brings you to the mat?' And the answer almost always speaks from a deep place of yearning to feel connected, to anything. Kula came from this place. So I created this community of the heart where we can come together to share, laugh, love, and experience all the depths life together. I want to thank the tribe of yogis who have stuck by me since the beginning, you

are all so special to me and this community is my heart.

Anything goes here in the Kula so I encourage everyone a part of it to share share share! Share your art, your ideas and talents, your passions and self expressions! Lets be honest, authentic, inspiring, supportive, and creative in what we do and share on this page. Awakened Heart Yoga and the Kula will only continue to grow :-)

So, the big discussion I want to inquire for the first Kula blog post is all about connection. What does it mean to feel connected? A simple question that can have many meanings. What does connection mean to you? in every level. dive deep. Comment and hashtag #awakenedheartyogakula

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