Finding Our Place: Healing Ourselves to Heal Each other

Not knowing what you want in life is the toughest part about growing up. Because in fact, I feel that most of the time we do know what we really want. It’s the applicability to the system of life that requires hard work, skill, and an extremely well understanding of the impact you want to make.

Careers serve the purpose to fulfill our needs of security, but I beg to add inner fulfillment and purpose to that. It takes a mentor, parent, or teacher with an open mind to see what we see and guide us into a position that gives us fulfillment of life purpose. Because where we spend the majority of our time, well that is our life and it is ticking away. Where this is lacking around the world, we find lost and confused University grads without any idea how to dig deep, or knowing of what makes them feel fulfilled and true. It can leave us second-guessing our dreams. I am lucky to have found Yoga at a young age to be able to experience the levels of joy and happiness that ring true to me no matter what, there is nothing superficial about true self-acceptance, gratitude, and the joys of living in the infinity that can be this moment. That we are infinite beings capable of manifesting anything, and we are here to awaken through lessons thrown at us day to day. It’s part of the programming, to reprogram. Through these self-discoveries I found my deepest purpose to help others experience the same sort of awakening. I am sure we all seek to help others in all that we do, too.

So we when we are “out there” searching for careers, with the foundation of a deep purpose in life to guide us, it can sometimes be defeating when one person after another doesn’t see life the same way, and one employer after another doesn’t hold the same value as you do. We are becoming awakened beings in a superficial society, and in order to maintain the value and purpose of what makes us feel fulfilled we must either be an entrepreneur, or search hard to find others who are already making it happen, these are the companies of the future.

This all comes back to finding your purpose to begin with. So the reason I am even brain dumping all of this is that for me, this is the most important part of the equation. It really means so much to me. Diving deep into ourselves grows us in the direction of awakening. That is the only way to do it! Meditation, Yoga, art, writing, the desire to understand who you operate as and what sort of lessons you are here to learn. I will never stop growing, and the more I keep at it, the more I realize it is our job to heal ourselves so we can see some real change in this world. We may struggle at times to find a place in society that feels right, but our conviction to the power of self-study and sharing what we discover will prevail all suffering. In essence, that is what we are all trying to do. We all want to heal each other, and we all need healing

Take time for you, be honest with each other, we’re all on the same boat in search for truth, joy, and everlasting peace. It is OK not to know, but trust yourself when you do and never compromise the value it may hold.

Love & Light

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